METTOX is an advanced blend of broad-spectrum multi toxin binders. It arrests mould growth and mycotoxin production by effective binding with all mycotoxins. It also lowers down the pH of feed and gut with an improvement in protein digestion.

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Key Ingredients

  • MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides)
  • Bacillus subtillis
  • Propionic acid
  • Activated Charcoal
  • HSCAS (Hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates)


  • Helps in preventing the growth of moulds and bacteria that result in reducing mycotoxins.
  • Enhances the performance and productivity of animal.
  • High efficacy towards all toxins.
  • Helps in increasing the immune power leads to prevent immuno-suppression due to mycotoxins.
  • Selectively absorbs toxins and does not absorb vitamins & minerals in feed.
  • MOS helps in removing bad bacteria by competitive exclusion.
  • Improves liver function.
  • Reduces mortality, controls secondary bacterial disease problem and vaccine failure.


  • Regular use: 500 gm-1 Kg/T of feed
  • Treatment: 2 Kg/T of feed or as suggested by nutritionist.

Presentation: 25 Kg Paper bag

Storage: Store in dry place away from sunlight.

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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