MET PRO GUT is a multipurpose biological product contains a blend of synergistic and dynamic microorganisms capable of producing powerful digestive enzymes to degrade the organic sludge.

It contains specialized aerobic and facultative anaerobic strains of bacteria capable of eliminating hydrogen sulphide, reduce build-up of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the pond water and soil.

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Key ingredient

  • Lactobacillus spp., S. cerevisiae, Lactic acid bacillus, B. subtilis, B. Lecheniformis


  • It secretes immuno stimulants that activate the immune systems of the animal.

  • It produces critical nutrients and growth factors that catalyse many biological processes.

  • Enhances immune system of post larvae, juveniles and adult shrimp.

  • Improves nutrient level, dissolved oxygen, blooming of phytoplankton and biofloc.

  • Improves bio security and ecological balance of the pond system.

  • Eliminates organic sludge and toxic metabolites in pond soil/water.

  • Maintains healthy pond for growth and productivity.

  • Reduces the incidence of white gut and white feces.

  • Replaces the antibiotics and chemicals.

  • Improves growth rate and better FCR .

  • Improves efficiency of the digestive system.

  • Improves gut micro flora and reduces white gut problems.

  • Helps in tissue repair and wound healing.

Dosage: 15 to 10 gm/Kg of feed

Note: Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in pond or as per the advice of Aquaculture experts.

Presentation: 400 gm, 1 kg.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: 2 years

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