Unique combination of Vitamin C rich herbal powder & yeast for white fecal disease in shrimp.

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Key Ingredients

  • Amla powder, Dried lemon, Yeast


  • Improves the hepatic cells and overall health of the shrimp.

  • Increases body weight & immunity.

  • Improves survival rate.

  • Prevent and treatment acute white feces disease in shrimp.

  • Helps to grow fast and to get more body weights.

  • Helps for better collagen formation and attain strong muscles for better swimming.

  • Acts as best antioxidant and develops the new tissues rapidly.

  • Helps to maintain suitable pH in the intestine for inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and enhances the growth of probiotic.

Dosage:: 5-10 gm per Kg Feed

Note: Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in pond or as per the advice of Aquaculture experts

Presentation: : 1 kg

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Protect it from moisture and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years

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